Short Story:FINALLY :D

Poor thieves, aren’t they?

Tom Smithers was very proud of his garden. For him, it was the best he had ever done. He spent most of the time of his retirement in his garden to make it better and better. Sometimes he also was a winner of a contest in the small village he was living in. He had many reasons to be proud of his garden.

But one day, he noticed, something was missing. First, he didn’t notice, but after a few minutes walking around he saw some footprints on the ground. He followed them to the place where his tomatoes were. They were missing - like some other vegetables. It was like someone had stolen them. He thought it was just a joke.

But then, he noticed, when he wanted to cast some water on the rest of his plants, that the water in his can was missing, too. He went back into his house and took a net, which should hold back birds and other animals. He filled the can with water again, cast some water on the plants and put it in his summerhouse. The next day he noticed something was missing again. He walked around and after a few minutes he went to his trees. An apple tree was almost total empty. This wasn’t anymore joke, it was a crime!

Tom Smithers wanted to catch the thief on his own. At night, when it was total dark and there was no noise, he sat on his tree and waited for the thief. In his right hand, he had a baseball bat and in his left hand a flashlight. He looked up to his clock: 11:30 pm. But there was no thief. He waited and waited and got more and more tired. After some hours he fell asleep.
When he woke up, it was already morning. He went outside and looked what was missing. He noticed that someone had been in his summerhouse. The water can was empty again. And some apples were missing too. He wanted to give himself a try again. He set up traps everywhere in his garden. The traps were small holes, but big enough, that a person could fall in it and that the person would be stuck. He also put up nets; two were around the apple trees, one at the back entrance of the garden, some around his other plants and one at his summerhouse. Nobody should touch his plants and trees without asking him, Tom Smithers, the owner of the prettiest garden in Sertian Town. Maybe it wouldn’t work. But then he would call the police on the next day.
The next day, he found a small girl in his net, a trap at his apple tree. It looked like she had used a ladder to get the apples. With an angry, but also a serious voice he asked slowly:”Why did you steal all the apples and drink the water? Why didn’t you sleep in your bed at home?” First she began to sob, then she started crying. He tried to make her stop crying but then he noticed, someone other was watching him. A small boy stood at his fence. Maybe he thought, the owner of the garden wouldn’t see him. But there were feet and some hair, which could be seen, so Tom caught the boy too. Tom asked the same questions and the boy tried to answer them. He was a bit older than the girl. The boy explained that they didn’t have a family and had escaped from the children’s home. They lived badly there so they wanted to run away. But living on the street wasn’t better, the boy explained. “Just your apples were better than the food in the children’s home,” he said. For a moment, Tom was proud, but than he remembered, that they had stolen his apples. “But why did you steal my apples? They don’t belong to you and it was much work for me to grow all the plants. You trampled down some of my roses. How do you want to repay that?” he asked with a loud voice. But then he noticed something red at the boy’s arm. Dry blood! It looked like something had bit in the arm of the boy. He decided to help the children first. He brought them into the kitchen to disinfect the boy’s wound. He gave them some apples out of his garden and listened to their story. The more he listened, the more he understood why they didn’t want to stay at the children’s home. It was one of the most terrible places he had ever heard of. They said that they hit the children there. So he understood why they felt safe at his home. But they should help him with the garden like filling the holes. He let them stay for a few days before he thought of something crazy. Should he adopt them? He even didn’t know the names or how old they were. But then something happened, which nobody had expected.

In the newspaper, there were the pictures of the children. In the article Tom Smithers read something strange. He read, that the children were thieves, who tried to become children of many families but one day, they robbed them. They had done that many times and now they noticed that these were the same children in all cases. So what should he do?

First Tom thought of calling the police but then he had another plan. He asked the children to help in his garden to let some plants grow up. And in the night, he set up some traps again, but this time at the entrance to the garden. He locked up the main entrance.

After a few days he heard a loud noise at night. He hoped it wouldn’t be the thieves. He went down to the doors and looked. Then he saw something in the garden. It had to be the children. So they really were the thieves. The door to the garden was opened, so the children had to be in the garden. He heard the two swearing. They had fallen into his trap. Proud of the fact that he had trapped them, he went to the hole and said to them:” That happens if you want to fool Tom Smithers.”

The next day, he called the police to collect the thieves, which had learned their lesson. But when Tom turned around and looked in his garden and saw the hole, he noticed, he had taught himself a lesson, too. Now he had more work than before the kids had robbed the vegetables and apples. He had to fill the hole and grow up the grass at this place again.

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